Heads up!

This basically graveyard for all the dead links. None the links here are active anymore. These are all Internet archive links. There is a chance that some links were never archived.

  • DDL Rank - Toplist for forums, download-sites, warez blogs and sharehoster.
  • OpenLoad - A free online storage and sharing platform.
  • NSWDBot - A discord bot for scraping for "Scene" releases.
  • - & Blog.
  • - Archive with over 1 GB of old Realeaser-Scene.
  • - Free web proxy site to bypass filters and unblock blocked websites anonymously.
  • - Querys the html of all Firefox bookmarks in a specific folder for a keyword, and prints the url's of sites the keyword was found in.
  • Grabber - Download stock images from Shutterstock.
  • 6box - A recently revived free Usenet indexing service with a generous API.
  • CracksNow - Cracks for Android, Windows, and macOS applications.
  • Browser Plugs - A Chrome "all-in-one" anti-fingerprinting protection extensions.
  • Discord NSWDBot - Discord bot to scrape for scene releases.
  • piratesonline - Official Discord Server.
  • [Guide] Bypassing paywalls on iOS apps - Bypassing paywalls on iOS apps.
  • Encrypt Discord Token - Encrypts your Discord token to prevent trojans from reading your localStorage files and finding your token. However, there are no guarantees that your account cannot get hacked.
  • Querverweis - A big german toplist with lots of entries.
  • Abacci eBooks - All the books here are for Microsoft Reader.
  • - A DMCA-resistant, permanent file hosting service.
  • PDF-Giant - Provides a lot of different magazines.
  • Lit Answers - Find homework answers.
  • RealMVP - New eBooks, video and written tutorials.
  • BaconFeet - "Bringing a difference in streaming to the masses." (r/BaconFeet).